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The first step was carried out with a LISP program, new balance australia named by the PUMA model can be reduced from 126 to 39 with fourEMDEG, which symbolically generates the dynamic model of an equations thathold on the derivatives of the kinetic energy matrixarticulatedmechanism.EMDEGemploys Kane's dynamic for- elements.The first two equationsaregeneral;the last two aremulation [Kane 19681, and produced a result comparable in form specific to the PUMA 560. The equations are:and size to that of ARM [Murry and Neuman 1984).

Of the reductionfrom 126 to 39 2 kf3za" cos(82)cos(82 d 3 ) uzm3 cos2(e2) unique Christoffel symbols, 61 eliminations are obtained with the 2 Mzza3 cos"(82 03) a$m3 c0s2(82 83) general equations, 14 more new balance shoes with (9)and a further 12 with (10). $2 a2a3m3 eos(Bz)<�oos(82 6 3) JpYy sin"(62) (2) Step four requires differentiating the mass matrix elements withrespect to the configurationvariables.Themeans to carry Jz=, cos2(82) 2 dzdsms 2 Mz2a2 cos2(&) outdifferentiationauto,naticallyhavebeenavailableforsome a;mz new balance 247 cos2(&) d i m s dZm2 J2zz Jizz JizzCalculationsrequired: 37 multiplications,18additions.

* The French authors seem to assume the use of Cristoffel symbols, while the American authors seem unaware ofBy combining inertial constants with common variable termsand them.CorbenandStehle,inthe 1950 edition of theirexpanding sin2(82) into (1- c o s 2 ( & ) ) , equation (2) can be re- text, derive the results required here; but the derivationduced to: is largely omitted from their 1960 edition.of new balance 574 gravity and the terms of the inertia dyadic.Thewrist,link where I I = M-wg2 ** r12three and link two of a PUMA 560 arm were detached in order Mgto measure these parameters.

ThetolerancevaluesarederivedMeasurement of Rotational Inertia from the precision or smallestgraduation of the measuring in- strument used, or from the repeatability of the measurement it- The two wire suspension shown in Figure1 was used to mea- self. Thetolerancesarereportedwhere the data are presented.surethe I,,, Iyyand I,, parameters of linkstwo and three *. The tolerance values assigned to calculated parameters were de-With this arrangement a rotational pendulum is created about termined by RMS combination of the tolerance assigned to eachanaxisparallel toand halfwaybetween the suspension wires.The link's center of gravity must lie on this axis.

Link 4: The origin is new balance outlet at the intersection of the axes of joints * Values derived from external dimensions; &25%. 4 5 and 6; 24 is along the axis of rotationand The effective torsional spring methodof inertia measurement was appliedateachjoint.Themotor and drive inertia, Imotor, direct.ed away from link 2; Y4 11 Z3 whenjoint were foundby subtractingtheinertialcontributiondue to the arm dynamics, known from direct measurements, from the total 4 is in the zero position. inert,ia measured.Theuncertainty in the total inertia measure- ment is somewhat higher at joint one becauseof the larger frictionLink 5: The origin coincides [img] balance outlet-680mil.jpg[/img] withthat of frame 4; Z5 is di- at that joint.
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